Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"IGNACIO" - Personal Character - WIP

I made the concept, modeling, texturing and facial rigg for this character, which I intend to use in some illustrations

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Yorn Tv Spots" - NEBULA-STUDIOS

In this "Yorn Cuccina" tv spot I modeled the shotgun hanging on the fireplace, and the cupboard at the back

For this "Yorn Opa" tv spot I modeled the dynamite and made some tweaks in the safe


I modeled this Piggy Bank at Nebula-Studios, which later was the basis to emmite particles, that was done by Rui Santos

Monday, May 23, 2011

"FAT President" WIP

This is a character I am making in Mudbox, to be the FAT (Figueiredo André Tiago) Animation President

"Monkey Odissey" -NEBULA-STUDIOS

In this monkey, I made all of the texturing, shading, lighting and fur

In this one, I made all of the work: modeling/blendshapes/texturing/shading/fur/


These are some renders I made at NEBULA-STUDIOS, for a motion picture test. 


The Pianist Family is still in progress

"Swimmer" - 3D animated short

This is an animated short, that I am making alone, and the reason to start it was to train my animation skills. I am still learning about fluids to make the splash when the swimmer hits the water

THE EDGE - Maya Trainer

This is the character, that my student Gustavo Thomé made in a two week course that I gave at The Edge (Introduction to Maya). He never had open Maya before, and he made the modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, hair system and some cloth sculpting in Mudbox

"K.O." 3D animated short that I am making

This is an animated short I decided to do just to improve my skills as an animator. I did all of the work (less the modeling and rigging of the main character - by José Teixeira)

"Stickman" - 3D personal exercises

Taking advantage of a character I made with a friend (João Apolinário) for a project, I decided to create two different environments and animate the character for training reasons

"Uma Estória com Barbas" - Animation Master Degree Project

School Project that I made with two friends (João Apolinário and Rodrigo Oliveira) in 2008. Original idea, concepts and most of the modeling, texturing and lighting by me

CYMBAL - 3D animated short (WIP)

Some shots of "Cymbal", a short movie that I am making.